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Texas Dental Assisting SchoolTexas Dental Assisting Academy
4.5 Stars - Based on 3 User Reviews
Texas Dental Assisting SchoolTexas Dental Assisting Academy
5 Stars - Based on 39 User Reviews
Diana H.Diana H.

I'm so grateful to Texas Dental assisting school and to Mrs.Brittney. Who have both made a huge impact on our lives because of the care and individual time...

Kara SmithKara Smith

Highly recommend this school if you are looking to become a CDA in a short amount of time. Small classes, knowledgeable instructor (Ella B.), inexpensive tuition and it’s only one day a week. Definitely worth checking out.

Amanda F.Dental Assistant

I attended this school because I wanted local training in a field that was rewarding both personally and financially. I am happy to say that I obtained a good job immediately following graduation. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a challenging and rewarding profession.

Emily SmithEmily Smith

Recommend this school for anyone with a busy schedule. One day a week for 13 weeks. My teacher, Ella, was very efficient. She cares alot about her students and has been very encouraging and supportive through out the course.

Fatiam D.Fatiam D.

If one is looking to become a dental assistant I highly recommend Texas Dental Assisting Academy. Brittney (teacher) helps you fully learn and understand...

Brittany GonzalesBrittany Gonzales

Awesome 13 week course! I would recommend this school to any one looking for a fast paced setting. Attending once a week allowed me to maintain my full time job, while working toward my future!

Kayce B.Dental Assistant

I was thrilled with the outcome of completing my training. The training was great and mostly hands on, rather than just information from a book. It was an awesome program that was definitely worth every penny that I paid for it. I would recommend it to anyone and everyone. I am so happy I chose this program!

Rachel W.Rachel W.

With all of the choices that you have for dental assisting programs one of the main reasons why I chose TDAA was the externship. I really felt like they...

Maggie MendezMaggie Mendez

Everything is clearly explained and so much information is given to you, Brittney is an awesome teacher and knows what she’s doing! Super affordable 13 week program & highly recommended!

Stephany VillasenorStephany Villasenor

The Dental Assisting Academy is a great school! It’s only 13 weeks and Brittney is an amazing teacher. The whole course was very fun and she was able to teach everything nice and clear. I would really recommend this school. It is also very affordable!

Lauri W.Dental Assistant Accepted to NAU School of Dental Hygiene

Taking my dental class through your curriculum was a great experience for me. It provided me a program that gave me accurate and up to date information regarding dental assisting and various dental procedures. I felt that the training and lab time prepared me for working as a dental assistant in the real world. I would definitely recommend this school curriculum to anyone interested in becoming a successful dental assistant.